Synodontis Catfish of Lake Tanganyika for Sale On-Line at

Synodontis Catfish for Sale

There are many types of Synodontis Catfish from Lake Tanganyika that attract aquarists with their unique patterns & characteristic behaviors. Synodontis Catfish are an excellent choice for freshwater aquariums clean up crew as they readily eat most types of food. If your looking for a dwarf Synodontis Petricola  / Luccipinnis / Poli or a larger […]

Introduction to Lake Victoria Cichlids for Sale on Line at; Home of the most colorful African Cichlid Pundamillia Nyererei Makobe Island

Lake Victoria Cichlids for Sale

Pundamillia Nyererei Makobe Island Cichlids prefer rocky habitat; an aquarium with lots of rocks and structure will give this cichlid lots of hiding places to divert aggression and set up breeding territories to attract females. Pundamillia Nyererei readily eat most foods and are not very picky just do not over feed them for best results […]

Discover the Beauty of African Cichlids at

lake victoria cichlids for sale

Discover the Beauty of African Cichlids: Available at Are you ready to add a splash of vibrant color and lively personalities to your aquarium? Look no further than African cichlids, the jewels of freshwater fishkeeping. At, enthusiasts and beginners alike can explore an extensive selection of these stunning fish, renowned for their striking […]

African Cichlids For Sale Shipping All USA

African Cichlids are a diverse group of freshwater fish that are native to the African Great Lakes, including Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria. These fish are known for their vibrant colors, unique patterns, and interesting behavior, which makes them a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts. If you are looking to buy African Cichlids, […]

Breeding African Cichlids – Tips and Techniques for Success!

Breeding African cichlids can be a rewarding and fascinating experience for aquarium enthusiasts. These fish are known for their vibrant colors, unique patterns, and interesting behavior, which makes them a popular choice for breeding. Here are some tips for successfully breeding African cichlids.   First, it is important to choose the right breeding pair or […]

Buy Assorted African Cichlids

lake malawi cichlids for sale

Hobbyist or aquarium-lovers think alike, especially in terms of caring for aquariums, fish species, environmental factors, etc. Assorted African Cichlids aquarium is a perfect choice to begin with, noting how easy it is to keep it properly maintained for a crowd-pleasing display. Let’s get this started on the steps to buying these amazing Assorted African […]

Buy African Cichlids – Factors To Consider Before Shopping for aquarium fish.

The brightened up feelings of happy fish in the aquarium is totally unique. African cichlids are one of the most unique & personable aquarium fish available. There are over 500 species of African Cichlids, Many hobbyist generate extra income Breeding African Cichlids & auctioning them at local fish club meetings.   Many aquarium hobbyist find the […]

African Lake Malawi Cichlids

The beautiful colors displayed by freshwater African Lake Malawi Cichlids make them a great choice to keep in an aquarium. The brilliantly-colored fish may grow to an adult size of 5”-8” or possibly larger in a larger aquarium of 200+ gallons. Most experts would recommend a minimum 55-gallon tank with good water filtration system. Observing […]