Pundamillia Nyererei Makobe Island Cichlids prefer rocky habitat; an aquarium with lots of rocks and structure will give this cichlid lots of hiding places to divert aggression and set up breeding territories to attract females. Pundamillia Nyererei readily eat most foods and are not very picky just do not over feed them for best results long term. These fish should be kept in aquariums 50 gallons and up with water ph range 7.2-8.6 & temps of 75F to 78F. At CaliforniaCichlids.com Cichlid aquarium hobbyist will find the highest standard of quality you can rely on. Here you will find specimens descendent from the few rare wild Lake Victoria Cichlids imports that have taken place over the last 10+ years.

Lake Victoria Cichlids for Sale

Lake Victoria Cichlids in the wild are in danger of extinction; many areas of Lake Victoria have been ruined by human destruction causing many species to decline in numbers if not eliminated all together. When aquarists choose to breed, raise and offer to other hobbyists Lake Victoria Cichlids they are helping to insure the availability of these unique & colorful fish for many years ahead.

At CaliforniaCichlids.com freshwater aquarium hobbyists will find healthy Cichlids with vibrant colors and full vitality. With 20+ years experience breeding Lake Victoria Cichlids for sale like the highly sought after specie Pundamilia Nyererei Makobe Island originally collected from wild exported and imported into USA then bred and raised at CaliforniaCichlids and shipped all USA for many aquarium hobbyists to enjoy.