The beautiful colors displayed by freshwater African Lake Malawi Cichlids make them a great choice to keep in an aquarium. The brilliantly-colored fish may grow to an adult size of 5”-8” or possibly larger in a larger aquarium of 200+ gallons. Most experts would recommend a minimum 55-gallon tank with good water filtration system.

Observing African Lake Malawi Cichlids in the home or office aquarium is one of the greatest experiences to have. Indeed these colorful fish attract more & more hobbyists into keeping them in aquariums each year. Stocking guidelines generally advised 15-20  fish of 2-4″ size range to prevent compatibility issues. A large group of African lake Malawi Cichlids helps diversify any aggression from any single fish.

Installing rocks with hiding places in the aquarium, allow Cichlids to hide during fights for territories. Feeding CaliforniaCichlids.com Cichlid Color Pellets really brings the full coloration out in these fish.

Victorian African Cichlids are the home of some of the most colorful Cichlids available. Pundamillia Nyererei is considered the most colorful Cichlid ever discovered by the locals. The fish was named after their first president giving such a colorful fish a high honor. Victorian African Cichlids can be mixed with African Lake Malawi Cichlids as well increasing the selection of vibrant colorful fish to choose from. Door to Door Shipping from on-line sellers with years of experience like CaliforniaCichlids.com make aquiring your new fish easy & hassle free. Be sure to give the stocklist a look through for one of widest selections available.

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