The brightened up feelings of happy fish in the aquarium is totally unique. African cichlids are one of the most unique & personable aquarium fish available. There are over 500 species of African Cichlids, Many hobbyist generate extra income Breeding African Cichlids & auctioning them at local fish club meetings.


Many aquarium hobbyist find the enjoyment and ease of care keeping Cichlids from Africa’s Rift Valley Lakes Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria. Being some of the largest lakes on earth new species are still being discovered each year attracting more and more hobbyist to Buy African Cichlids.


African Cichlids are some of the most colorful in the world, rivaling salt water species with unique characteristics like changing colors based on mood or breeding displays. Buy African cichlids onlinefrom experienced sellers like CaliforniaCichlids.com who specialize in African Rift Lake Cichlids since the 90’s.


Buy African Cichlids consider the following factors:


      • Aquarium Requirments: 20 gal and up. There are many shell dweller cichlids that do very well in smaller aquariums. Most African Cichlids do well in 55 gal & up, go with largest you can afford. When you Buy African Cichlids know that you have some of the hardiest & most forgiving aquarium fish making them suitable for most hobbyists available water supply. Generally 78F, Ph 7.2-8.6, hard water. There are many calcium carbonate products to help buffer softer water supplies.

      • Lifespan & Care:  With Proper care African Cichlids can typically live up to 10 years or even 25 years in captivity depending on species. They will do well on a high quality pellet or flake type food, find quality feeds proven effective for Breeding African Cichlids at CaliforniaCichlids.com.

      • Fish Health: African cichlids vary from vegetarian to carnivorous. When Breeding African Cichlids like Mbuna “Rock Fish” Cichlids, these fish appreciate an aquarium decorated with lots of stacked rocks for them to swim through all the crevices.

      • Cost & Investment: When you Buy African Cichlids it is considered the gift that keeps on giving. With ease of care and Breeding African Cichlids in the aquarium, an avid hobbyist can keep a lineage going for decades sharing them with hobbyists of similar interest which is growing more and more each year. Simply keeping an all male show tank for much needed stress relief after a hard days work is growing in popularity.

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