Pundamilia Nyererei Makobe Island

Pundamilia Nyererei Makobe Island

Pundamilia Nyererei Makobe Island




Pundamilia Nyererei Makobe Island for sale. African Cichlids for Sale

See Video https://youtu.be/m6YQn0bPYyY African Cichlid of Lake Victoria.

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1.5" Males $25, 1.5" Females $20


1.5" Males $25, 1.5" Females $20


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Pundamillia Nyererei Makobe Island is considered by many one of the most colorful African Cichlids ever discovered thus far. Males are brilliantly colored bright reds, greens, yellows, with dashes of blue.
Females are a grey color with light hues of red and blue but nothing compared to the males. Does well in Freshwater temp 75F-78F, PH 7-8, can mix with other haps & peacocks from Lake Malawi –

The breeder group listed for sale is my own group, this group is still very young and produces 100's of fry. I have several hundred growing here on site and need to make space for the next generations. this is a rare breeder group,, the 2 males and 10 females were selected from over 100 pcs to make the breeder group,, the offspring produced are incredible colors with a great male / female ratio produced. so many customers have offered to buy these males from the shop, for months, but they are being sold as a breeder group only and only offered available until now. show quality FYI – Pundamilia is my all time personal fish to keep and breed,, this group is one of my pride and joy. best regards, Joe Candelaria Jr. CaliforniaCichlids.com