EZ Artemia Ultra 300-500 Micron


EZ Artemia Ultra 300-500 Micron



EZ Artemia Ultra 300-500 Micron – Brine Shrimp Replacement EZ Artemia is a liquid micro-capsulated diet that is formulated to match the nutrient profile of enriched Artemia. Unlike Artemia, that is subject to variability in nutrition and supply and which can be pathogenic, EZ Artemia provides a consistent nutrient composition that is completely biosecure.  Ez Artemia Ultra Literature

  • Higher particle nutrient density & digestibility
  • Consistent Nutrient Composition
  • Enhanced microencapsulation
  • Improved buoyancy
  • Precision formulation of high-quality marine proteins & oils
  • Demonstrated improved larval performance in trials
  • Upgraded probiotics for better water quality & gut health
  • Vpak immune enhancement.
  • Targeted particle size distribution
  • Ready to use, convenient & stable product
  • Every batch is tested & certified to confirm biosecurity

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1 Jug 2.2 lbs $99.99


1 Jug 2.2 lbs $99.99