Buccochromis Spectabillis F1

Buccochromis Spectabillis F1

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Buccochromis Spectabillis F1.  All are mouthbrooders, females keep fertilized eggs in their mouth for 3 weeks for full development. Heads and tails develop approx. 4-5 days mouthbrooding the eggs. Buccochromis Spectabillis F1 are easy to keep in clean freshwater 100 gal & up, 78F PH 7.2-8.6 hard water. I use small feedings of my CaliforniaCichlids.com Spirulina Flakes & Color Enhancing Pellets for uniform growth and amazing coloration. Average mature adult size is 12″ for males and 10″ for females; spawns can range 12 to 50+ eggs depending on size of female. Lake Malawi Haplochromine species are some of the most popular fish to keep.

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4" F1 Female $15


4" F1 Female $15



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