Aulonocara Blue Neon Peacock

Lake Malawi Peacock Cichlids for sale

Aulonocara Blue Neon Peacock




Aulonocara Blue Neon Peacock are cichlids from Lake Malawi located in Africa.  All Aulonocara are mouthbrooders, females keep fertilized eggs in their mouth for 3 weeks for full development. Heads and tails develop approx. 4-5 days mouthbrooding the eggs. Only males show bright beautiful colors, females are a grey to brown color with some barring. Looking close females may show a hint of color in the face or other parts of the body matching the males’ colors. Aulonocara Blue Neon Peacock are easy to keep in clean freshwater 40 gal & up, 78F PH 7.2-8.6 hard water.  Although a variety of foods are suitable, excess feeding can cause specimens to reach extra-large sizes not common in the wild. I use small feedings of my CaliforniaCichlids.com Spirulina Flakes & Color Enhancing Pellets for uniform growth and amazing coloration.  Average mature adult size is 4″-6″ for males with females 1″-2″ smaller. Male coloration begins approx. 2″ & breeding begins 2.5″-3″ size; spawns can range 12 to 50+ eggs depending on size of female.


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4" Males $45, 4" Females $15


4" Males $45, 4" Females $15


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