African Peacock Cichlids swim gracefully as they display brilliant colors throughout the aquarium. Most aquarium hobbyists desire to have these cichlids species for their unique combination of colors, patterns and various physical traits. When shopping for African peacock cichlids for sale online, you will find one of the largest selections available at CaliforniaCichlids.com

African Peacock Cichlids are found in Lake Malawi East Africa. With proper care these cichlids can have a life expectancy of 10 years or more. African Peacock Cichlids come in a wide range of colors and names like Aulonocara Ngara, Sunshine, Lemon Jake, Lwanda etc.

African Peacock Cichlids are suitable for a minimum tank size of 55 gallons. As to their typical care and handling, owners must follow the necessary tank size, and basic water parameters 78F PH 7.2-8.4. 

When you are shopping  African peacock cichlids for sale, consider the following:

  • Aquarium Trade Experience: Aquarium trade is a largely functional industry and requires years of experience to deliver excellent services to the customers. Someone for example, with 30 years of experience will be able to assist you with questions on diet, species compatibility, tank requirements and breeding tips. Fish suppliers with experienced specialization of wild or domestic fish species care, breeding and maintenance is the key.

  • Live Arrival Guarantee: Online sellers offer a live arrival guarantee based on weather conditions and species being shipped. It is important to work with your seller to coordinate shipping based on weather conditions from the seller’s location to your location. This helps the shipper include necessary heat packs or ice packs, determine bag & box sizes, etc. Most sellers require photos and or vidoes of any DOA in original packaging and also out of the packaging clearly showing the fish arrived DOA, to satisfy any DOA credits as necessary. This can happen due to rough handling, weather conditions, delays etc. during shipping causing damage.

  • Sale Offers:  Whether Mbuna cichlids for sale or African Peacock Cichlids for Sale, You will find some of the most competitve prices and the highest standard of quality you can rely on at CaliforniaCichlids.com

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